Graduate School of Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

About the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering, which has been a basis of wide fields of industry, is being applied to much wider areas and highly specialized. To keep up with the trend of the times, engineers are required to have solid groundings in mechanics and the ability to think and create based on a broad outlook on industries.

Students enrolled in the graduate department of mechanical engineering are educated in the specialized areas of mechanical engineering, which are highly linked to the curriculum in the undergraduate program, and intensively disciplined to obtain the creativity and practical abilities through the original research studies advised by our faculty.

To respond to the demands from advanced manufacturing industries, interdisciplinary research in wide areas is conducted in cooperation with industries. To promote the research activities, the graduate department of mechanical engineering collaborates with the innovation center for production engineering.

Students in the doctoral program are disciplined to be engineers and researchers who can develop highly advanced technologies. They are individually trained in fully equipped laboratories. The alumni play an active part in top companies and colleges as engineers and researchers.

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