Graduate School of Engineering

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Master's Program

Compulsory Course of Civil Engineering:

Research on Civil Engineering

Optional Courses of Civil Engineering:

Advanced Structural Mechanics, Advanced Stability and Strength of Steel Structures, Advanced Hydraulics, Advanced Soil Mechanics, Advanced Bridge Engineering, Advanced Concrete Engineering, Advanced Concrete Maintenance, Advanced Theory of Reinforced Concrete Structures, Advanced River and Coastal Engineering, Advanced Water Environmental Engineering, Advanced Geotechnical Engineering, Advanced Infrastructure Planning, Advanced Transportation Planning

Compulsory Course of Architecture:

Research on Architecture

Optional Courses of Architecture:

Special Seminar in Architecture,Advanced Structural Analysis, Advanced Seismic Structural Design, Advanced Theory of Architectural Planning, Advanced Theory of Construction Materials, Advanced Theory of Architectural Construction, Advanced Architectural Environmental Theory, Advanced Architectural Environmental Planning, Advanced Building Services

Advanced Theory of Western Architecture, Advanced Theory of Japanese Architecture, Advanced Planning Theory of Regional Facilities, Advanced Theory of Architectural Design, Advanced Theory of City Planning, Advanced Architectural Design Analysis Work

Common Courses:

Advanced Numerical Analysis Work, Internship, Introduction to Nano-Technology, Industrial Mathematics, Mathematical Engineering in Informational Science, Nuclear Power Technology, English for Engineers

Doctoral Program

Compulsory Course

Research on Constructional Engineering

Common Course:

Advanced Frontier Engineering

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