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Campus Map

a Bus Stop b Bike Parking
c Motor Bike Parking d Main Gate
e Guard Room f Founder's Bust
g Rotunda h Guests' Parking
i Tennis Courts j Baseball Field
k Main ground l Sub-Ground
m Students' Parking No.1 n Students' Parking No.2
o Parking p Parking
1 Bldg.No.1: Administration
2 Bldg.No.2: Faculty Cafeteria / P.S. Hall / Career Center
3 Bldg.No.3: Innovation Center for Production Engineering
4 Bldg.No.5: Dept. of Electronics & Information Engineering
5 New Bldg.No.5: Engineering Labs / Media Education Center
6 Bldg.No.6: Engineering Labs
7 Bldg.No.7: College of Engineering
8 Bldg.No.8: Engineering Labs
9 Bldg.No.9: Lecture Rooms / Health Services
10 Bldg.No.10: Lecture Rooms / Extension Center
11 Bldg.No.11: Dept. of Applied Chemistry
15 Bldg.No.15: Large Lecture Rooms
17 Bldg.No.17: Dept. of Applied Chemistry
18 Bldg.No.18: Material and Construction Experiment Facility
19 Bldg.No.19: Language Center / SI Room / Language Labs / Student Cafeteria II
20 Bldg.No.20: College of International Studies / Center for International Programs / Office of Japanese Language & Culture Programs
21 Bldg.No.21: College of Business Administration and Information Science
22 Bldg.No.22: Information Systems Center (Computer Labs) / Lecture Rooms
25 Bldg.No.25: College of Humanities
26 Bldg.No.26: College of Humanities
27 Bldg.No.27: Media Education Center
28 Bldg.No.28: Dept. of Psychology
29 Bldg.No.29: Club House
30 Bldg.No.30: College of Bioscience and Biotechnology
31 Bldg.No.31: College of Bioscience and Biotechnology
32 Bldg.No.32: Labs
33 Bldg.No.33: Labs
36 Bldg.No.36: Civil Engineering Design Room
50 Bldg.No.50: life healthy science part office/lecture room/laboratory/the 50th laboratory
51 Bldg.No.51: lecture room/nursing practice room/student hall
53 Bldg.No.53: Labs
A Miura Kohei Memorial Hall
B Campus Plaza (student union): Post Office / Book Shop / Travel Agency / Hamburger Shop / ATM
C Student Cafeteria I
D The Miura Memorial Library
E Research Center
F Information Systems Center (Computer Labs)
G The Center for Physical Education and Cultural Activities
H Auditorium and Indoor Sports Gym
I Sub-Arena
J High-Voltage Lab
K Student Dormitory, Dormitory for Students from Abroad
L Dormitory for Students from Abroad
M Girls' Dormitory for Students from Abroad
N Faculty Housing / Guest House
O Outdoor Stage
P Miyuki Bridge
Q Kyudo Field
R Traditional Japanese Houses and Garden (Dountei, Kuhoan, Rankaken)
S Budo Gym
T Student Cafeteria III
U Fronteer Research Center
V Greenhouse
W LISA Plant Field
X Vending machine corner
Y Haruhigaoka Senior High School
Z Haruhigaoka Junior High School
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