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About EIE

Welcome to the Department of Electronics and Information Engineering at Chubu University


In the Department of Electronics and Information Engineering,(EIE) after undertaking a thorough study of the electrical and electronic basics, students go on to master applied fields such as electronic circuits, electronic instrument computers, information management, communications, semi-conductors and lasers. The Department is particularly strong in information management, continuing education in that subject from the 1st through 4th year.

A distinguishing characteristic of the course is its emphasis on laboratory work, with a consolidated program which guides the student from initiation into the electronics field to application of the subject. Students deepen knowledge acquired from lectures, and master measurement techniques that can be applied to work in the real world.

The technical fields covered by the Department of Electronic Engineering are expected to continually evolve. Our Department assumes the role of nurturing electronic engineers who are able to respond to any new fields that may gain prominence in the future. 


Establishment 1966
Degree Bachelor of Engineering
Enrollment Freshman Year 90 ( 3)
Sophomore Year 96 ( 6)
Junior Year 101 ( 3)
Senior Year 78 ( 1)
Total 365 (13)
Faculty Professor 7 ( 0)
Associate Professor 2 ( 0)
Lecturer 1 ( 0)
Assistant Professor 1 ( 0)
Total 11 ( 0)
  • May, 1st, 2016
    ※The figures in parenthesis indicate the  number of women students.

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