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Name Title Field of Study Research, Studies Website
*GOTO Hideolinks another siteProfessorSemiconductor Science, Electrical-Material ScienceResearch on II-VI Semiconductors, Research on new electrical materials for next generation 
*HASEGAWA Masarulinks another siteProfessorControl Engineering, Power Electronics, AC Motor DriveRobust Control and Adaptive Control of AC Motor, Identification and Control of Multirate system, Control of LPU system 
*HIROTSUKA Isaolinks another siteProfessorElectrical MachinesHigher performance of Squirrel-Cage Induction MotorWebsitelinks another site
*MATSUMOTO Atsushilinks another siteAssistant ProfessorMotor Drive, Power Electronics, Control EngineeringControl of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors 
*NAKAMURA Keijilinks another siteProfessorPlasma Engineering, Measuring EngineeringProduction, Diagnostics and Control of High Density Plasma Sources, Plasma-based Materials Processing, Plasma Application for Environmental Conservation 
*NAKAMURA Masanorilinks another siteProfessor  
*OGAWA Daisukelinks another siteSenior Assistant ProfessorApplication with Low-temperature PlasmaEvaluation and analysis of GaN surface that is damaged by process plasma, Application of carbon nanotubes that is functionalized by plasma, Analysis and and application with misty plasmasWebsitelinks another site
SUMI Shinichilinks another siteProfessorHigh Voltage EngineeringStudy of Triggered Lighting with Rocket 
*TAHASHI Masahirolinks another siteAssociate ProfessorElectric and Electronic MaterialsSolar cell, Themoelectric material 
*YAMAGUCHI Sataroulinks another siteProfessorApplied PhysicsSuperconducting System, Radiation Detector, Energy Conversion, Transport Phenomena in Semiconductor, Data Acquisition 
*YAMAMOTO Kazuolinks another siteAssociate ProfessorPower Engineering, High Voltage EngineeringLightning Protection 

*This department is his/her secondary position.

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