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[July 10, 2018]News
Senior Assistant Professor Seira Moriya (Dept. of Applied Chemistry) Selected as “Shiseido Female Researcher Science Grant” Recipient
[June 12, 2018]News
“Chubu University’s Smart Eco-Campus—Working Toward a Substantiative Model Smart Community” Operating Performance Recognized with Receipt of the “32nd Technology Promotion Award” from the Society of Heating, Air-Conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japa
[May 25, 2018]News
Chubu University Contributes to Research and Development of Hydrogen-Producing Catalyst for Fuel Cell Vehicles (Prof. Yoshihiko Ninomiya)
[December 22, 2017]News
Chubu Members Participate in Joint Team Placing first in the WRS Future Convenience Store Challenge
[December 2, 2017]News
Department of English Language and Culture Students Receive Awards at English Speech Contest
[December 2, 2017]News
Chubu University Team Takes Third Place at the Tenth Western Japan Student Emergency Responder Championship
[September 26, 2017]News
Research Proposal Submitted by Professor Ichiro Tsuda (Chubu University Academy of Emerging Sciences) Selected for the Japan Science and Technology (JST) Agency’s CREST Funding Program
[September 26, 2017]News
Project Submitted by Professor Yoshitsugu Hayashi (Institute of Science and Technology) Selected for the Japan Science and Technology (JST) Agency’s Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development (SATREPS) Program
[September 11, 2017]News
Chubu University Signs Memorandum with Leading Russian Power Company Rosseti
[August 1, 2017]News
Chubu University Contributes to Combined Team Taking 3rd Place in International Robotics Competition "Amazon Robotics Challenge" Stow Task
[May 16, 2017]News
Professor Mitsuo Sawamoto (Institute of Science and Technology Research) Receives the Benjamin Franklin Medal
[April 18, 2017]News
Professor Hisashi Yamamoto Attends Award Ceremony for the Roger Adams Award in Organic Chemistry

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