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Department of Physical Therapy

About the Department of Physical Therapy

Studies of physical therapy in line with advances in medicine and health care

Recent advances in medicine and health science have been truly remarkable, resulting in greater technical sophistication and professional segmentation. In the framework of most advanced medical and welfare services, physical therapy - conventionally regarded as part of rehabilitation medicine - is now changing as it becomes essential also for health enhancement, disease prevention, sports medicine, nursing, etc.

The Department of Physical Therapy aims at training future professionals who will work in those segments. Students begin by acquiring a comprehensive understanding of life science, present-day medical care, disease prevention and nursing. On this foundation they develop their abilities closely in line with societal needs, including health enhancement, disease prevention and assistance to the handicapped, as well as the promotion of team medical care and the construction of community medical care systems. Our ultimate educational and research goal is to produce professional physical therapists with a humane outlook who will actively develop assistance to the handicapped from a broad viewpoint encompassing medicine, health care and welfare. The five departments in the College of Life and Health Sciences, and the multifaceted organization of Chubu University, enable all-around education in physical therapy and related domains.

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Basic Information

Established 2010
Degree Bachelor of Physical Therapy
Number of Students 1st Year 47
2nd Year 40
3rd Year  49
4th Year 41
Total 177
Number of Full-time Faculty Members Professor 7
Associate Professor 3
Senior Assistant Professor 0
Assistant Professor 0
Pesearch Associate 0
Total 10
  • As of May 1, 2022

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