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Department of Nursing

About the Department of Nursing

The course will provide integrated education in "Nursing," "Bioscience" and “Rehabilitation” in collaboration with other departments of the College. Through our program, we aim to nurture nursing leaders of the future with a profound understanding of human dignity and the professional competence to earn the trust of their clients. In addition, we encourage all our students to develop a vision of nursing roles in this diverse and internationalized society.


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Basic Information

Established 2006
Degree Bachelor of Nursing
Number of Students 1st Year 108
2nd Year 105
3rd Year  104
4th Year 93
Total 410
Number of Full-time Faculty Members Professor 8
Associate Professor 6
Senior Assistant Professor 7
Assistant Professor 0
Pesearch Associate 0
Total 21
  • As of May 1, 2022

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