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Department of Psychology

About the Department of Psychology

Fundamental understanding of the problems related to the psychology of modern society

Most problems of human psychology produced by the remarkably changing social trends are related to either "the state of human beings" or "the state of the relations between human beings". Knowing how to understand the psychology of humans exactly is becoming more and more essential. The Department of Psychology was established in 2002 to respond to the needs of society.

Students in this department are instructed in the basics of psychology, such as cognitive psychology, educational psychology, social psychology, and clinical psychology. Throughout their studies, the focus is placed on understanding the psychological problems which occur frequently in everyday situation, such as at home or at work, and finding solutions.

Discovering and solving problems

One of the features of this department is that students build a strong foundation by starting to learn the basics of psychology widely in their freshman year. Then, in their sophomore year, the aim shifts to the deeper research into various special fields. Afterward, students will put their efforts into specializing in one particular field of applied psychology, such as clinical psychology, mental health counseling, and other fields which have been created in the recent psychology boom.

The goal is for students to gain a scientific understanding of the fundamental characteristics of human psychology-illusion, oblivion, fashion, and prejudice, for example-from various viewpoints. For issues related to the topic of group psychology-bullying and truancy, wrongdoing and crime, uneasiness and stress, and abuse and sexual harassment-the essence of each will be identified and discerned and the method of solving each will be investigated. Students will learn many techniques for discovery, problem solving, and expressing themselves through proving their capability and giving effective presentations.

Emphasizing the viewpoint of "the psychology for yourself"

This department, considering experimental psychology as important, introduces an experiential type of curriculum which stimulates the formation of identity, cooperation with others, and aims to create a basic member of society. Generally, the Department of Psychology at Chubu University does not adhere solely to the idea of psychology for others but also considers just as important studies through the viewpoint of "psychology for yourself". It also offers practical education with which students can acquire the qualification of "authorized psychologist" of the Japanese Psychological Association and with experience in the fields of study of clinical psychology or mental health counseling.

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Basic Information

Established 2002
Degree Bachelor of Humanities
Number of Students 1st Year 96
2nd Year 102
3rd Year  82
4th Year 90
Total 370
Number of Full-time Faculty Members Professor 4
Associate Professor 3
Senior Assistant Professor 1
Assistant Professor 0
Research Associate 0
Total 8
  • As of May 1, 2022

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