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Department of Japanese Language and Culture

About the Department of Japanese Language and Culture

In order for us Japanese to live together with people from various countries in the fast-approaching globalized world, it is necessary to first recognize the excellence and special nature of our own Japanese culture and to then refine our own values.

This department presents a vision of 'Japan in a world perspective', and aims at proceeding with revisionist research on Japanese language and culture. Fundamentally, study involves the creation of original literary art, and training in Japanese language and written expression. This, an understanding of Japanese language and culture, is learnt at the same time as gaining a command of multimedia apparatus. Furthermore, in order for students to come into direct contact with Japanese culture, emphasis is placed upon fieldwork.


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Basic Information

Established 1998
Degree Bachelor of Humanities
Number of Students 1st Year 90
2nd Year 87
3rd Year  81
4th Year 76
Total 334
Number of Full-time Faculty Members Professor 7
Associate Professor 1
Senior Assistant Professor 0
Assistant Professor 0
Research Associate 0
Total 8
  • As of May 1, 2022

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