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Department of English Language and Culture

About the Department of English Language and Culture

The world is continuously shrinking due to the growth of information communications technology and modern means of transportation. Now, with Japanese life becoming more open, the physical boundaries of countries, and the non-physical boundaries of culture, nationality, and language are being abridged, resulting in the co-existence of different nationalities.

In the Department of English Language and Culture, fundamental study involves examining other culture's values, customs and lifestyles. Through this study the department aims to cultivate students who deeply understand various cultures and are at home in an international society. Since English is fast becoming the common international language, emphasis is placed on refining language skills through PASEO, a unique English Language training program. In addition, the department employs a teaching staff that includes native English language speakers. Graduates emerge from the university not only with fully-fledged language skills, but also with an international outlook.

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Basic Information

Established 1998
Degree Bachelor of Humanities
Number of Students 1st Year 57
2nd Year 69
3rd Year  67
4th Year 75
Total 268
Number of Full-time Faculty Members Professor 4
Associate Professor 2
Senior Assistant Professor 0
Assistant Professor 2
Research Associate 0
Total 8
  • As of May 1, 2022

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