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Department of Communications

About the Department of Communications

The importance of communications in today's diversifying and increasingly complex modern society is forever growing. In the Department of Communications, as a basis of communication we first teach a wide range of personal expression techniques. Furthermore, touching on the spheres of psychology, and linguistics, by considering what communication itself is, we teach the knowledge and ability to create smoother relations between peoples.

Moreover, utilizing not only linguistics, but also image and speech media, students consider methods of expression suitable for a future in which we will make more precise and rich communication a reality. Students are able to make full use of our department's media education center where they can use the latest equipment to practice and master media production.


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Basic Information

Established 1998
Degree Bachelor of Humanities
Number of Students 1st Year 81
2nd Year 80
3rd Year  80
4th Year 75
Total 316
Number of Full-time Faculty Members Professor 4
Associate Professor 1
Senior Assistant Professor 1
Assistant Professor 3
Research Associate 0
Total 9
  • As of May 1, 2021

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