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Department of Mechanical Engineering

About the Department of Mechanical Engineering

In the Department of Mechanical Engineering each student is provided a thorough education with importance placed on the basics of mechanical engineering, laboratory work and self-study. In this way, learning and knowledge that will be of use to society are cultivated in each student.

The department's curriculum is divided into three courses. The Mechanical Foundation Course includes teaching materials and mechanical dynamics. The Design Manufacturing Course includes studies relating to mechanical construction and mechanical design. Finally, the Electronics Applied to Mechanics Course incorporates Electrical and Electronic Engineering as well as Control Engineering study. By taking at least one of these courses, engineering students gain a solid basic knowledge of the field.

Furthermore, the department provides education in information processing through hands-on computer use, thereby producing engineers who additionally display strong skills in the area of software.

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Basic Information

Established 1964
Degree Bachelor of Engineering
Number of Students 1st Year 160
2nd Year 160
3rd Year  187
4th Year 131
Total 638
Number of Full-time Faculty Members Professor 12
Associate Professor 1
Senior Assistant Professor 1
Assistant Professor 1
Research Associate 0
Total 15
  • As of May 1, 2022

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