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Department of Architecture

For people, for society. To pursue the possibilities of design and technology in architecture.

About the Department of Architecture

To create architecture

Architecture is a “composite art” that is created with the aim of achieving the most beautiful form while fulfilling various relevant conditions and restrictions. Architecture includes various critical elements such as the earth and mankind, society, economics, and people’s way of life and various aspects such as the function and form of architecture, material properties and construction methods, creation of a structure capable of withstanding load and external forces, and possibility within legal regulations to create a comfortable construction environment. There is a need to scientifically elucidate, understand, organize, and familiarize with these terms, conditions, and restrictions. Ultimately, construction is something that can be achieved by bringing together the wisdom of many people.

With these factors in mind, the Department of Architecture employs a comprehensive curriculum consisting of four architectural fields of specialty, i.e., “architectural planning,” “materials and construction,” “building construction,” and “architectural environment,” while focusing on “architectural design” to create architecture based on the knowledge of these fields. In particular, with a focus on the origin of “manufacturing,” we aim to provide practical education that emphasizes the feel and experience of architecture. The training program in our department has been certified by the Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (JABEE) and recognized as a program that helps train engineers with practical skills who will be able to satisfy demands and perform well at home and abroad. Students who have completed the program will be considered graduates from JABEE.

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Basic Information

Established 1964
Degree Bachelor of Engineering
Number of Students 1st Year 118
2nd Year 122
3rd Year 117
4th Year 101
Total 458
Number of Full-time Faculty Members Professor 6
Associate Professor 4
Senior Assistant Professor 0
Assistant Professor 1
Research Associate 0
Total 10
  • As of May 1, 2022

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