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Department of Contemporary Education

About the Department of Contemporary Education

Today’s schools face many challenges, such as rising student disinterest in science and the integration of foreign students. In order to develop graduates who can answer to these challenges, the Department of Childhood Education has teamed up with other areas, such as the College of Engineering, College of Bioscience and Biotechnology and the College of International Studies, and the result is a curriculum that takes into account both "Scientific Learning" and "International Understanding."

Another defining characteristic of the Department of Childhood Education is the ability of students to become certified in special education. There is now a strong demand for graduates who can provide suitable educational support to children with mild development disorders. This specialized knowledge is a valuable asset also in understanding the diversity of students in the regular classroom and providing each student with individualized education support.

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Basic Information

Established 2008
Degree Bachelor of Education
Number of Students Major in Contemporary Education 1st Year 67
2nd Year 65
3rd Year 89
4th Year 94
Total 315
Major in Secondary Education of Japanese Language and Mathematics 1st Year 21
2nd Year 18
3rd Year -
4th Year -
Total 39
1st Year Total 88
2nd Year Total 83
3rd Year Total 89
4th Year Total 94
Grand Total 354
Number of Full-time Faculty Members Professor 8
Associate Professor 7
Senior Assistant Professor 2
Assistant Professor 0
Research Associate 0
Total 17
  • As of May 1, 2018

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