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Department of Early Childhood Education

About the College of Contemporary Education

The Department of Early Childhood Education is distinguished by the nurturing of graduates who are able to utilize contemporary child care and education theories in order to overcome individual challenges that arise in the workplace. The curriculum has been developed to incorporate field studies at child care facilities, practical training and experience-learning, with students being able to participate in practical training at child care facilities starting from their first year of study. There is now a demand from early childhood institutions for educators who hold both nursery school and kindergarten teacher certifications. The benefit of the four-year curriculum at Chubu University is that it allows students to work at a reasonable pace towards receiving these two certifications. In addition, a broad range of specialized areas can be covered, such as special education.

In the future, there will be a demand for early childhood educators who have the ability to partner with parents and the community to work towards the improvement of child care support systems. In order to achieve this, students need to develop not only a specialized knowledge of early childhood education, but also a high quality character. To assist in this regard, students can draw on a wide variety of specialized courses and liberal arts offered inter-departmentally.

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Basic Information

Established 2008
Degree Bachelor of Education
Number of Students 1st Year 83
2nd Year 86
3rd Year  71
4th Year 72
Total 312
Number of Full-time Faculty Members Professor 4
Associate Professor 4
Senior Assistant Professor 2
Assistant Professor 0
Pesearch Associate 1
Total 11
  • As of May 1, 2022

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