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Department of Management Synthesis

Offering “tailor-made” education in response to the diversity of students’ needs

About the Department of Management Synthesis

With social and economic developments becoming increasingly complex and multifaceted due to advances in globalization, courses that pursue knowledge and learning in only one specific academic discipline are no longer sufficient for the needs of the time. In preparing to play an active role in the working world, it is essential for students to learn at least the basics in five areas: business administration, information science, accounting, economics and law, and to develop specialized knowledge and skills in a particular field.

The Department of Management Synthesis aims to develop professionals with “a broad range of general knowledge, fundamental knowledge and skills in business administration and information technology, the ability to fully utilize the specialized knowledge and skills acquired, the ability to be a self-motivated learner, and the ability to think and act from a global perspective, all while maintaining a strong sense of independence and willingness to contribute to the public good.” In response to the increasingly diversified needs of students, we provide “tailor-made” education, through which students are expected, based on fundamental knowledge of business administration and information science, to develop specialized knowledge and skills in a specific field and play active roles as professionals with high levels of self-reliance in the working world.

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Basic Information

Established 2016
Degree Bachelor of Business Administration and Information Science
Number of Students 1st Year 334
2nd Year 304
3rd Year  332
4th Year 308
Total 1,268
Number of Full-time Faculty Members Professor 15
Associate Professor 6
Senior Assistant Professor 2
Assistant Professor 3
Research Associate 0
Total 26
  • As of May 1, 2022

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