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Department of Environmental Biology

About the Department of Environmental Biology

The Department of Environmental Biology aims to provide students with an understanding of the impact of biological activity and natural physical phenomena on human existence. It also offers the training to enable them, in their working lives, to play their part in the creation of a better natural environment for both humanity and all the other forms of life with which we share the planet. The department offers training in the fundamentals of genetic engineering and cellular engineering, and instructs students in the production of functional micro-organisms and of plants with as yet unexploited properties. It aims to equip students to be the bio-experts of the future, able, for example, to develop ever better material analysis faculties, or to join in the development of bio-sensors for environmental evaluation and testing.

The department's complete course is comprised of the following: the Basic Biology Model consisting of instruction in the fundamentals and applications of industrial production using functional biology; the wide-ranging Biology and Environmental Equilibrium Model dealing with every level of the relationship between living organisms and the eco-sphere as a whole; and the Applied Botany Model, focusing on the development of exploitable plants and vegetation which offer the potential for practical application.


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Basic Information

Established 2001
Degree Bachelor of Bioscience and Biotechnology
Number of Students 1st Year 127
2nd Year 122
3rd Year  110
4th Year 106
Total 465
Number of Full-time Faculty Members Professor 6
Associate Professor 6
Senior Assistant Professor 1
Assistant Professor 0
Research Associate 0
Total 13
  • As of May 1, 2022

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