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Center for Teaching Practicum Support

Supporting students’ practical training by securing external facilities for practical training, such as nursery schools, kindergartens and elementary schools

Center for Teaching Practicum Support was set up in 2008, in conjunction with the establishment of the College of Contemporary Education.  Of the teacher-training courses offered by Chubu University, the Center is in charge of teaching practice for courses in kindergarten, elementary school, special-needs school teacher qualifications, as well as designated nursery teacher training courses.

The Center carries out all tasks related to teaching practice, including acquisition of facilities for teaching practice (including cultivation of new facilities), maintenance of good relations with training facilities, and liaison and coordination between students and training facilities, as well as between training facilities.

The Center also conducts preparatory seminars to help students better prepare for teaching practice by inviting guest instructors from the board of education and training facilities.  The Center holds training seminars in response to requests from facilities accepting teaching practice arrangements.

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