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Media Education Center

The creation of an academic environment for studying and using video as a means of expression

The Media Education Center makes the practical study of media literacy viable through the utilization of the latest video equipment, an Image Studio (television studio and sub-control room), Sound Studio, Editing Studio, and more.

Making use of a multimedia learning environment equipped with such up-to-date audiovisual equipment, the Center also considers as its role the support of lesson development and communications at the university.

Encouraging innovative activities, this center continues to develop a creative environment that leads to the birth of new and exciting projects.  Just some of these projects include: a support system for the making of video graduation theses and video teaching materials/video CD teaching materials, a video study system, a multimedia cultural exchange support system, and an internal wide-area study system.  Furthermore, there are approximately 5,000 commercial and independently produced videos available at the center.

Media Education Center

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