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Miura Memorial Library

A treasure trove of knowledge, boasting easy-to-use systems and services

The Miura Memorial Library, with three stories above ground and two underground and with a total floor area of 12,109.9 square meters, boasts various types of reading rooms with 962 seats in total.

The University owns approximately 570,000 volumes, of which 400,000 volumes are housed in the Library.  All books and materials owned by the University are catalogued in the library database, and can be searched on computers inside the Library as well as via the internet from outside the University.

The Library is open not only to University students and faculty, but also to those living or working in or near Kasugai City, enabling them to access a wide range of information for their research and studies, including specialized books not available in public libraries.

Miura Memorial Library

Miura Memorial Library

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