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Student Life

  A perfect environment for an enjoyable student life

The Campus Plaza is an 'information station' equipped with all the facilities and equipment necessary to student life.  In addition to the information corner which posts class-related news, there is also a student lounge,  a convenience store, a post office and ATM machines.  Not only that, a book shop, stationary store, a travel agency, fast-food shops, and a locker room are also available for the benefit of the students.

Cafeterias, popular for their good, cheap, and varied menus, are found in each of the five student halls.  Also, in order to ensure both the mental and physical health of the students, an infirmary and a student counseling room provide access to doctors, nurses and professional counselors.  There is also single room accommodation available in the university's residence halls for first year students, and the student affairs office provides information relating to apartments for those living off campus.  Students who prefer not to take advantage of the excellent public transport facilities are invited to use the university's parking lots that provide capacity for up to 1,750 cars.

Also, the Chubu University Support Committee, involving mainly parents of Chubu University students, tirelessly supports the continuous development of the university's education and research capabilities, extracurricular activities, welfare facilities, and employment opportunities.

Campus Plaza
Relaxing student lounge - Campus Plaza

campus with rotunda in view
Campus with rotunda in view

Chubu University Throughout the Year

spring summer fall winter

Support Systems for International Students

  Helping students to enjoy a fulfilling student life in Japan


Accommodation and Housing

There are many boarding houses and apartments around the university that are conveniently located and happy to accept overseas students. Compared to larger cities, rental accommodation in Kasugai is quite inexpensive. The university also offers help to overseas students trying to find accommodation.

Student Dormitories

On-campus student dormitories are available for students participating in international exchange programs.

Dormitory Room
Dormitory Room

Dormitory Kitchen
Dormitory Kitchen

Doumitory Lounge
Enjoying a chat with friends in the dormitory

Club Activities

Chubu University has about 30 sports clubs and 30 cultural clubs.  Overseas students are welcome to join any of these.  Clubs are a great opportunity to get to know Japanese students.

Learning the traditional Japanese art of flower arrangementLearning the traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement

Trying a traditional "Matsuri Daiko" performanceTrying a traditional "Matsuri Daiko" performance

Commemorative photo in front of Kinkakuji Temple, Kyoto, on study tripCommemorative photo in front of Kinkakuji Temple, Kyoto, on study trip

Internet Resources

At Chubu University there are over 3,500 personal computers and Wi-Fi service all around the university, all with direct connections to the Internet.  This gives students ready access to information to help them adjust to life in Japan and it allows them to keep in contact with their families and friends at home. 

Of course, they can also use the Internet to collect information necessary for their studies and to seek out books and other resources from the library.  Each student enrolled in graduate/undergraduate course is provided with an e-mail address.

Communication and Information Exchange and Support for Overseas Students

Aichi prefecture, where Chubu University is located, offers many international exchange facilities that overseas students can use freely.  These include Nagoya International Center and Aichi International Association.  Also, Chubu University itself organizes many activities to provide opportunities for overseas students to meet and mingle with Japanese students.  These include welcome parties, study trips, the university autumn festival and farewell parties.

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