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Center of Applied Superconductivity and Sustainable Energy Research

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R&D of power transmission and distribution by superconducting power technology and More Electric Aircraft

Superconducting power transmission characterized by zero electrical resistance enables ultra-long-distance international and intercontinental power transmission. Existing concepts include DC power transmission trunk lines across Japan and connecting solar panels in the Sahara Desert to Europe. These are anticipated to serve as next-generation power transmission technologies for the stable supply of sustainable energy. After the development of the world's first experimental high-temperature superconducting DC cable system (20 m), Chubu University founded a technology development cooperative with private businesses as a national project based on the results of the on-campus cable experiment (200 m). The technology development cooperative attained success in a demonstration experiment (500 m/1000 m) conducted in Ishikari City, Hokkaido. Meanwhile, the Center also promotes an R&D project to apply the superconducting DC power transmission technology to More Electric Aircraft (MEA). Actively implementing international exchange and joint research projects, the Center is promoting advanced power transmission and distribution, as well as MEA projects that use superconducting power technology.

Director : MUTOH Takashilinks another site


Superconductivity Lab
Superconductivity Lab


Name Title Field of Study Research, Studies Website
CHIKUMOTO Noriko Professor, Vice director Superconducting Materials, Material Science, Applied Physics The mechanism and physical properties of the superconducting materials, in particular, the physics of vortex matter and flux pinning. Development of large critical current coated superconductors for practical application. Search for new high critical temperature superconducting materials.  
INOUE Noriyuki Professor Science communcation, Materals scence, Precision mechanics    
WATANABE Hirofumi Professor Cryogenic Engineering Thermal insulation, Circulation of refrigerant  
Yury Ivanov Professor Experimental Nuclear Physics Long distance superconducting DC power transmission, vacuum thermal insulation, cryogenic Peltier current leads, liquid nitrogen circulation systems  
YAMAGUCHI Satarou Designated Professor Applied Physics Superconducting System, Radiation Detector, Energy Conversion, Transport Phenomena in Semiconductor, Data Acquisition  
*KANDA Masae Assistant Professor Materials Science Composite, Electro Active Polymer  

*This department is his/her secondary position.

Executive Advisor (Engineer) :TAKANO Hirohisa, OKUNO Kiyoshi

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