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Radioisotope Research Center

A center supporting education and research on the use of radioactive isotopes

The Radioisotope Research Center is a facility open to all members of the university. It manages the use of radioactive isotopes and radiation-related devices in a comprehensive manner and supports education and research in multiple disciplinary areas covering applied biology, life and health science, and engineering. The number of registered users, combining faculty and students, is about 30 to 40 annually. As part of educational programs for students, the Center provides tours of its facility, in which about 50 students participate every year. Despite a recent decrease in the use of radioactive isotopes, The Center annually receives about 10 unsealed radioactive materials and conducts about 100 experiments per year. The center’s major activities include the provision of education and training on legal issues to those engaged in radiation work, as well as support services to candidates taking the National Qualification Examination for Class I Chief Radiation Handling Engineer, one of the most difficult national qualification examinations.

Director: OHTSUKA Kenzolinks another site

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