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Astronomical Observatory

An interdisciplinary approach drawing from both sciences and humanities, for the promotion of outer space research, education and collaboration.

The Chubu University Astronomical Observatory is a research and education organization established on April 1, 2017. It is engaged in activities in interdisciplinary fields involving science, engineering and humanities with a main focus on astronomy, as well as a broad range of related disciplinary areas. The aim of the Observatory is to create opportunities for research, education and collaboration in various fields by taking advantage of the characteristics unique to Chubu University as a community-based university and those unique to the College of Engineering in handling advanced engineering. To accomplish this aim, the Observatory’s staff members include faculty members from a wide range of disciplinary fields, both sciences and humanities. Each of these members develop their own unique ideas based on which they will play an active role in a wide range of fields. The Astronomical Observatory provides opportunities and an environment for new science education through its activities in order to contribute to developing next-generation workers, technicians and researchers. The goal is to further develop its activities so that it will be able to play a leading role not only in the space technology area but also in various other areas.

Director: MUTOH Takashilinks another site

Astronomical Observatory in Kasugai Campus

The Kasugai Campus Astronomical Observatory, which opened on May 10, 2017 on the Kasugai Campus, is a facility serving as the first step to achieving collaboration between research and education by the Chubu University Astronomical Observatory. The Kasugai Campus Astronomical Observatory is to be used as a place for education on astronomy and science not only through the efforts of the university but also in collaboration with local communities. It will also be used for education and research by the university, for example, to help faculty and students acquire basic astronomical observation techniques, to conduct highly specialized astronomical observation, to conduct basic research using observation equipment other than astronomical telescopes, and to apply astronomy-related engineering. Through these activities, the Kasugai Campus Astronomical Observatory will play a leading role in activities of the Chubu University Astronomical Observatory.

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