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Research Institute of Life and Health Sciences

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Establishing a new health science discipline based on understanding of the physiology and pathology of the human body

The Research Institute for Life and Health Sciences was established in June 2004 with the aim of developing an education and research system regarding health promotion, disease prevention, cutting-edge and advanced medicine, and health nursing, in a new research area where bioscience and technology are combined with the physiology of the human body and bioethics. More specifically, the Institute promotes research on present-day diseases and health disorders, such as cancer, psycho-neurologic diseases, lifestyle-related diseases and new-type infections. It also promotes research designed to develop technologies and educational systems related to physiotherapy, occupational therapy, clinical engineering, sports medicine, new drugs for prevention, treatment, nursing and long-term care, medical material and device science and technology, and medical and nursing technology. Through these activities and efforts, the Institute aims to meet social needs and contributes to educating and training researchers and highly specialized technicians in the health science field.

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