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Innovation Center for Production Engineering

Soliciting research topics in precise production engineering and conducting research on proposed topics

The Innovation Center for Production Engineering was established in April 1988 with the objective of contributing to the development of the university and local communities through industry-university collaborative research on production engineering. Since then, the Center has expanded, increasing the number of researchers and improving its research facilities to conduct full-scale cutting-edge research activities, based on which it has contributed to promoting research activities and strengthened collaboration with local industries. Recently, the Center has been active in conducting research and development in manufacturing, particularly in the area of nanotechnology, which is gaining increased recognition. With an annual budget of three million yen per project, the center invites research topics from the public and conducts test research on some of the proposed topics, based on which large-scale public projects and joint research projects are conducted. It also organizes lecture sessions on manufacturing technology two to three times annually, as well as a research reporting meeting at the end of each fiscal year. These events have been well received by industrial circles and have attracted nearly 100 participants from the university as well as external organizations on each occasion.

Director: MIZUTANI Hideyukilinks another site

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