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Research Institute for Industry and Economics

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Identifying the ideal state of the economy and exploring in-depth the function of industry and business management

The Research Institute for Industry and Economics (RIIE) is a time-honored laboratory established in 1981. As part of efforts by the Chubu Institute of Technology (predecessor of Chubu University) to expand into a university, RIIE was established to fulfill its mission to better understand the economy and industry with an eye to the future. Since its establishment, based on the perspective that economy and business management change significantly as a result of the advancement of information science and technology, RIIE has been active as a research institute that meets both future and practical needs. Believing that the key to solving many of the difficult issues currently facing the country lies in the economy, RIIE sets its goal as identifying what should be done and in what way in order to ensure a bright future and maintain peace and prosperity in Japan. With a constant focus on the future and the entire world, the institute promotes research that is specifically useful for the development of local industries and business management.

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