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Research Institutions

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Chubu University Academy of Emerging Sciences (CUAES) has been launched with the goal of enhancing emergence of new academic disciplines.

Chubu Institute for Advanced Studies

Expansion of interdisciplinary research aiming to reconstruct disciplinary frameworks to ensure a sustainable society

Institute of Science and Technology Research

Promote research that integrates engineering with multiple academic fields

Cluster of Advanced Research Laboratories

Molecular Catalyst Research Center

Promote advanced research on homogenous molecular catalysts for organic reactions

Thin Film Research Center

Descriptions of research conducted at the Thin Film Research Center and joint academia-industry research projects

Center of Applied Superconductivity and Sustainable Energy Research

R&D of power transmission and distribution by superconducting power technology and More Electric Aircraft

Center for Chemical Energy Conversion Research

Create storable chemical energy and useful carbon resources with renewable energy

Cluster of Discipline-specific Laboratories

Research Institute for Industry and Economics

Identifying the ideal state of the economy and exploring in-depth how the industry and business management should be

Institute of Global Humanics

Exploring the “knowledge and beauty of humankind” in the global era

Research Institute for Biological Functions

Promoting advanced research in biotechnology

Research Institute of Life and Health Sciences

Establishing a new health science discipline based on understanding of the physiology and pathology of the human body

Institute of Contemporary Education

Developing specialists in education who contribute to today’s regional communities

Innovation Center for Production Engineering

Inviting research topics in precise production engineering and conducting research on proposed topics

Cluster of Issue-specific Research Centers

Radioisotope Research Center

A center supporting education and research on the use of radioactive isotopes

Center for Education in Laboratory Animal Research

A facility that integrates and manages animal experiments conducted by the university and is used by researchers in various research fields

Chubu Innovative Astronomical Observatory

An interdisciplinary approach drawing from both sciences and humanities, for the promotion of outer space research, education and collaboration.

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