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Chubu University Confers Doctor Honoris Causa to Professor Michael Tendler

[December 14, 2021]

Chubu University conferred a Doctor Honoris Causa to Michael Tendler, Professor Emeritus of the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, on December 8.

In addition to his outstanding research achievements in the field of fusion energy, Prof. Michael Tendler has contributed to the establishment of an international network in the field of science and technology through his many years of building connections between Japanese and overseas researchers. Since 2016, he has made significant contributions to the globalization of Chubu University as a Visiting Professor, by holding special lectures in English and promoting overseas academic collaborations. It is for these contributions that he was awarded a Doctor Honoris Causa of Chubu University.

Prof. Michael Tendler's Research Achievements

In the 1970’s, Prof. Tendler began his career as a researcher by studying the particle motion and statistical mechanics of gaseous and ionized plasmas, and later shifted his focus to the realization of fusion energy. He has published many remarkable research results on magnetic confinement plasmas at temperatures exceeding 100 million degrees Celsius, which are necessary for D-T fusion burning.

Recently, he has done research in the areas of plasma application and long-lived waste disposal from nuclear reactors.

Prof. Michael Tendler's Career

1978 Received Doctorate from Uppsala University, Sweden
 Entered the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

1997 Achieved Full Professorship
 Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences

2016-  Chubu University Visiting Professor


In addition to the above, Prof. Tendler has served as a member of various academies and advisory committees around the world, as well as on the organizing committees of international conferences and on the editorial boards of academic journals.


Prof. Tendler has also been awarded honorary degrees from a number of universities.


マイケル・テンドラー氏の代理で本島修理事・学事顧問が学位記を受け取る       マイケル・テンドラー氏はスウェーデンよりオンラインで参加

Osamu Motojima, Trustee and Executive           Prof. Michael Tendler participated in the 

Advisor for Academic Affairs, accepts the           event virtually from Sweden.

Degree on behalf of Prof. Michael Tendler. 

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