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Professor Mitsuo Sawamoto(Frontier Research Institute)Named as Clarivate Citation Laureate

[September 22, 2021]

Professor Mitsuo Sawamoto of the Frontier Research Institute was named as a 2021 Clarivate Citation Laureate on September 22, 2021. Of the 16 researchers named worldwide, Professor Sawamoto was recognized in the field of chemistry for “discovery and development of metal-catalyzed living radical polymerization.”

About Clarivate Citation Laureates

Clarivate Citation Laureates are researchers who have been identified through the Clarivate publication and citation database as being of Nobel Prize caliber.

In order to celebrate the achievements of the world’s top researchers and also to increase awareness of scientific activities to the public at large, it has been tradition since 2002 for Citation Laureates to be announced prior to the Nobel Prize selection. The research areas recognized are the same as for the Nobel Prize: Physiology or Medicine, Physics, Chemistry and Economics.

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