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Chubu University Signs Cooperative Agreement with Ama City, Aichi

[October 28, 2020]

Chubu University has signed a comprehensive agreement for cooperation with Ama City, Aichi. A formal ceremony marking the occasion was held on October 27th at the Ama City Hall, with the mayor, Koji Murakami, and Chubu University President Osamu Ishihara in attendance.

Ama City and Chubu University will work together to revitalize the region and develop human resources.

This is the 14th cooperative agreement Chubu University has concluded with a local government.

Details of the Cooperative Agreement

  1. Regional revitalization and community development
  2. Promotion of disaster prevention and environmental policies
  3. Development of urban infrastructure
  4. Promotion of industry
  5. Promotion of social welfare
  6. Education and the cultivation of human resources
  7. Promotion of local culture
  8. Other activities related to the above initiatives

(From left) Mayor Murakami and President Ishihara sign Cooperative Agreement

Commemorative photo holding Cooperative Agreement

President Ishihara is interviewed for Cable TV

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