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Chubu students take top prize at Aichi America-Japan Society’s “10th Student English Speech Contest”

[November 28, 2020]

The “10th Student English Speech Contest,” sponsored by the Aichi America-Japan Society, was held on Saturday, November 28th, at the Nagoya Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Students from universities throughout Aichi prefecture participated in the event. Eight participants, all of whom had passed an initial selection process, reflected on their personal experiences and presented carefully-prepared speeches on the topic, “Something I am working hard at.”

Five students from the Department of English Language and Culture gave speeches at the event: Maya Odo (1st year), Toshitaka Kato (1st year), Ngo Hanh Minh Hieu (3rd year), Yu Tazaki (3rd year) and Taiki Mochizuki (3rd year).


                                Presenters and judges                                          Chubu University participants and their supporters

After a rigorous review by a panel of three judges, Yu Tazaki took first prize for his speech entitled “Yo-yo taught me everything.” Tazaki even showed off his skills with the yo-yo during his speech. Among the other participants, Ngo Hanh Minh Hieu took third prize for her speech, “It all started in the Dream,” and Taiki Mochizuki was awarded the Aichi America-Japan Society Award for his speech, “Self-Actualization.”

(The Aichi America-Japan Society Award was determined by a vote of society members who were present on the day of the event.)


                  First Prize: Yu Tazaki                     Third Prize: Ngo Hanh Minh Hieu             Aichi America-Japan Society Award:                                                                                                                                                                 Taiki Mochizuki

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