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Chubu University selected as an “International College of the Year 2020” by India’s technology magazine, "siliconindia"

[February 5, 2021]

Chubu University was recently selected as one of five institutions for the “International Colleges of the Year 2020” listing by India’s siliconindia magazine. Siliconindia is a publication from Bangalore, a city known as the “Silicon Valley of India,” and features electronics and technology-related information.

Chubu University has concluded an agreement on academic cooperation and exchange with the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, and accepts one or two internship students from the university every year in the field of computer science. These internships are led by Professor Hiroyuki Iwahori (Department of Computer Science), who was introduced in the article.

Chubu University was recognized not only for its partnerships with prominent overseas institutions, but also for the foreign language support it provides international students, as well as the support it provides in fostering the growth of all students through high-quality education and research.



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*In order to view the article, access the link above and click on the image of the      magazine cover page. When prompted, enter your name, company, email, etc.    in English.

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