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Chubu University Contributes to Research and Development of Hydrogen-Producing Catalyst for Fuel Cell Vehicles (Prof. Yoshihiko Ninomiya)

[May 25, 2018]

Research Findings Presented to Governor of Aichi Prefecture During Visit

Chubu University partnered with Itochu Ceratech Corporation (Seto), Yamamoto Koubachi (Seto), Maruwai Yokoi Iron (Seto), and the Aichi Center for Industry and Science Technology for the research and development of a catalyst feasible of producing hydrogen used as fuel in fuel cell vehicles (FCV) of the future.

This project is part of Aichi Prefecture’s “Knowledge Hub Aichi Priority Research Project,” and on May 24th, Chubu contributor Prof. Yoshihiko Ninomiya (Department of Applied Chemistry)links another site paid a courtesy visit to the governor of Aichi Prefecture, Hideaki Omura.

Two former graduates of Chubu University’s Department of Applied Chemistry are working in companies that partnered on the research for this project, and both played key roles in research and development.


Prof. Yoshihiko Ninomiya (second from right) explains the research results to Aichi Prefecture Governor Hideaki Omura.

Report Summary

The “Project for next-generation hydrogen energy-forming technology development” is a project fostering the development of the underlying technology for the production and use of hydrogen as well as contributing to the formation of a hydrogen energy-based society. Local industry, academia and government (five offices in total) are working in conjunction toward the goal of full-fledged and widespread use of fuel cell vehicles by the year 2020. Through the “development of a highly durable reforming catalyst for hydrogen production” used in this project, the team developed a new catalyst that can be used in an “onsite hydrogen station” system, producing hydrogen via on-the-spot modification of natural gas, etc. By utilizing technology from the local ceramics industry in Aichi prefecture, the team developed a spherical catalyst displaying both high durability and superior hydrogen-producing capability.

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