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Graduate School of Education

About the Graduate School of Education

The Graduate School of Education consists of three domains: education and preschool education, educational psychology, and subject education.  The curriculum covers eleven key subjects (e.g. Research in Educational Methods, Research in Educational Psychology, Research in Teaching Methods for Social Studies) and twelve specialized subjects (e.g. Study in History of Education, Study in Research Methods for Educational Psychology, Study in Special Support Education).

These subjects are intended to train professionals capable of scientifically analyzing and understanding the critical conditions children face.  The graduate school also aims to train advanced professionals to work in local communities in cooperation with elementary schools, kindergartens, preschools, kodomo-en facilities (hybrids of kindergartens and nursery schools in Japan), child welfare institutions, consultation institutions (e.g. child-rearing consultation centers, child guidance centers), and education-related NPOs, among others.  Students can earn elementary school and kindergarten specialized teacher’s certificates.  The graduate school trains teachers who can fulfill leadership roles at schools.


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