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Graduate School of Business Administration and Information Science

About the Graduate School of Business Administration and Information Science

The College of Business Administration and Information Science was created in 1984 as a response to rising demand for training in new skills in both business administration and information science.  The college, since its founding, has been in the forefront of similar institutions in education and research.  Many of the institution's alumni have assumed leadership positions in the business world, and the faculty has produced a substantial volume of high quality research.  In response to even greater demand for professional training from the business community, the faculty launched a graduate program for the Master's degree in business administration and information science in April 1996, and for the Doctoral degree in April 1998.

By broadly admitting students from the community regardless of age and profession, this graduate program aims at unique professional training with a strong empirical and practical orientation through the integration of scholarly approaches taken by the faculty and rich practical knowledge accumulated by students.  The program, therefore, features both day courses offered at the main campus of the university in Kasugai and evening courses offered at its Nagoya campus located in the center of the Nagoya metropolitan area.  Evening courses open doors to a large body of prospective students including those from the business community who wish to advance their professional skills without jeopardizing their careers.

Chubu University has long promoted joint research in collaboration with industry as well as activities that meet the needs of the community.  The Research Institute for Industry and Economics has regularly held public forums and symposiums to address problems of the business community, and the Innovation Center for Production Engineering has also carried out a series of joint research projects in collaboration with many firms in the Chubu area.  Our graduate program has grown out of such promotional efforts.

The faculty has also produced an interdisciplinary environment.  This environment was instrumental in the publication of two seminal works in 1994: An Invitation to Business Administration and Information Science and The Development of Business Administration and Information Science (both published by Seibundo Publishing Company). The environment has also led to state-of-the-art research seminars that are held in the fields of accounting, business administration, and information science.  The spirit of interdisciplinary collaboration will continue to shape the research of the faculty and the curriculum of the College.

Faced with mounting pressures of globalization, business firms have been forced to experience painful transformations. Such pressures are compounded by the diffusion of information technology that is revolutionizing our society. In the midst of such dynamic forces, the faculty looks forward to working with students who are committed to face new challenges.

Chubu University Nagoya Campus
Chubu University Nagoya Campus


Business Administration and Information Science (Master's / Doctoral Course)

In response to the demands from the business community and government sectors for professionals who are capable of solving actual problems, our program is built on a unique integration of carefully selected courses from the areas of business administration, management, accounting, economics, information science, mathematics, and statistics.  The program exposes students to theory and practice of many powerful research methods and promotes creative thinking.  The program also focuses on actual problems, strategy planning, and the new developments in the business environment.

Business Administration (Master's Course)

Utilizing industrial technology and information technology, the Master’s Course in Business Administration nurtures the development of business leaders who are able to turn innovations into reality.

  1. Leaders who steer the creation and development of technology-based venture companies.
  2. Leaders who steer the launch and development of technology-based internal corporate ventures.
  3. Leaders who utilize technology in the innovation of corporate operations and activities.

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