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Chubu University provides notice of updates via RSS/RDF in a standardized format using XML (extensible markup language).

If you wish to automatically receive notice of Chubu University website updates, subscribe to this service by adding Chubu's URL to your RSS reader.

RSS and RSS reader

RSS, which stands for "Really Simple Syndication" or "Rich Site Summary," is mainly used to inform subscribers of updates to a website.

Information published with RSS (RSS feeds) can be read using a form of software called an RSS reader. There are several types of RSS readers: some are installed directly on a computer, while others are used on a web browser or via e-mail software. Choose the RSS reader that best suits your Internet environment.

Current RSS version

This is the RSS version we are currently offering. Add the URL below to your RSS reader.

Reminders for RSS use

  • Please be advised that our current RSS service may be discontinued without advance notice, and that our URL may be changed for system-related reasons.
  • Secondary RSS use, such as redistribution or reuse, of information published by Chubu University is strictly forbidden.
  • Chubu University does not respond to any questions or inquiries regarding RSS use or RSS reader or other third-party software and its functions. Please be advised that subscribers are responsible for their RSS use.

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