Graduate School of Engineering

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Constructional Engineering

About the Department of Constructional Engineering

With the evolution of society and economy, the technologies and methodologies employed for land development and urban planning are becoming more and more advanced and synthesized. Moreover, people's ideas about the style of living and the way of life have become more diversified in these days, creating corresponding demands on urban planning and also on architectural designing, planning and engineering in terms of quality and variety. On the other hand, there are also demands that arise from the need to prevent disasters such as floods and earthquakes and the need for environmental conservation. Strong expectations are placed on the development of disaster-resilient social infrastructures and the creation of a sustainable, eco-friendly environment.

To address the above-mentioned trends of advancement, synthesis and diversification in civil engineering and architecture, the department of Constructional Engineering has been established to offer graduate programs for the students to go further from the Department of Civil Engineering and the Department of Architecture in the College of Engineering. Our master's program, which culminates in the acquisition of a master's degree, aims at the development of highly qualified engineers, providing the students with opportunities to attend more specialized lectures and be guided in their researches in the field of constructional engineering. In our doctoral program which aims at the development of researchers, the students prepare doctoral thesis to acquire a doctoral degree. There are two research fields: Civil Engineering and Architecture. In the research field of Civil Engineering, there are five research areas: Structural Engineering, Concrete Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering and Infrastructure Planning. In the research field of Architecture, there are seven research areas: Building Structure Engineering, Architectural Materials, Architectural Environment and Building Services, Building Design, City Planning, Architectural Design, and Architectural History and Theory. Graduate students pursue their studies under one of these research areas.

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