Graduate School of Engineering

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Computer Science

About the Department of Computer Science

The field of computer science and technology has been rapidly increasing its width and depth and has evolved to be a centerpiece in a fast growing advanced information society. Japan is expected to play a part commensurate with a member of advanced countries, but still there are not enough scientists and engineers in this field to meet the demands.

There are master's program and doctoral program in the graduate department of computer science. The department gives good opportunities for students who wish to acquire deeper knowledge in the field and undertake innovative research, aiming at educating motivated people who will be leaders in this field.

In our department students can develop flexible creative thinking, as well as professional knowledge in the field, and are expected to be active computer engineers or computer scientists having global perspective on the future.

Our department has four research areas: communication and network engineering, media information engineering, computational intelligence, and computational engineering. Each research area consists of several research laboratories. The curriculum is designed to provide a variety of advanced knowledge in the field as well as opportunities for conducting original research under supervisors.

Students who have finished our graduate department find positions in a variety of good companies, public corporations, educational organizations, or research institutes.

Contact Us

If you are interested in any research and want to get in contact with the researcher, please send an email directly to the person.
For any other requests, please send an email to a mail, the manager of English HP of Department of Computer Science, Chubu University.

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