Graduate School of Engineering

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Innovative research on science and technology to solve global problems in the 21st century

The history and tradition of the Graduate School of Engineering

The Chubu University was established in 1964 as Chubu Institute of Technology at Kasugai city that is next to the northern part of Nagoya; Nagoya has been a metropolis of industry, economy and the culture in the Chubu district.  Chubu Institute of Technology was renamed to Chubu University when establishing the College of Business Administration and Information Science and the College of International Studies in 1984.  Moreover, the Chubu University established the Graduate School of Engineering first among the private universities in the Tokai district.  The master’s programs and doctoral programs were established in 1971 and 1973 respectively.  We have educated a lot of graduate students since then.

Let's look for the role of technology for our future.

Though having only limited natural resources, Japan has the economic power of the world top-class and high quality life due to high technology.  Rapid development of the technology in each country of the world pushes forward economic development.  On the other hand, the development of technology expands the gap between the rich and the poor, and the development causes exhaustion of resources and food, and global warming. Therefore, moving to sustainable society from economic growth by consumption expansion is essential.  Technology is expected to contribute to the welfare of humankind and has a potential to play a big role for construction of sustainable society and contribution to the welfare of humankind.

Let's learn together in our Graduate School of Engineering to establish rich and harmonious society through innovation to solve serious global problems.

Naoki Matsuo

Dean of Graduate School of Engineering

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