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The new Department will cultivate engineers who can generate new ideas and create new values on the front lines of “Monozukuri” (manufacturing).

The convenience of our daily lives depends on many systems that move things by combining electrical, electronic, and information technologies. Typical examples of such systems are electric vehicles and electrical power networks. The former are evolving with the help of innovation in semiconductor devices, while the latter are becoming more intelligent with the introduction of smart grid technology. Recently, the movement to connect all things to the Internet, including household electrical appliances, machines and robots used in factories, and new traffic systems that operate vehicles automatically, has been expanding at an accelerating pace.

The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering provides students with two course models – Energy System and Electronic System. The Energy System Course provides its students with the opportunity to study mainly electrical power engineering, electrical energy converters, and power electronics, while students in the Electronic System Course can acquire knowledge and skills relevant mainly to electronic measuring systems, electronic device engineering, and communication engineering. The Department has drawn up a curriculum to cultivate engineers who will be able to play a key role in the field of “Monozukuri” by exploiting their comprehensive skills in electrical, electronic, and information engineering. In particular, the curriculum allows students in either course to supplement their studies with subjects in the opposite course according to their own individual interests.

An attractive place for learning

With both electrical and electronic engineering, you can learn to your heart’s content

Students in either course can supplement their study with subjects in the opposite course as they like.

A curriculum that provides students with the opportunity to comprehensively acquire basic knowledge of electrical, electronic, and information systems

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