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Iwahori Lab.

  • 3-D Shape Recovery
  • Motion Analysis
  • Generation of Virtualized Image for Mixed Reality

Yoshida Lab.

  • Numerical Analysis
  • Development of method for computation of special functions

Kawashima Lab.

  • Information Communication Network Systems
  • Multi-media Service System Configuration
  • Performance Evaluation Methods for Digital Network Systems and Services

Okazaki Lab.

  • Development of Intelligent CAI System
  • Vibration and Damping Analysis
  • Numerical Simulation and Experiment of Percolation and diffusion models

Hirata Lab.

  • Study on the mechanism of oculomotor motor learning and memory
  • Study on the influence of the gravity on motor learning and memory
  • Development of the high security personal identification method with iris scan
  • Understanding the pupillary control mechanism and its application to the monitor of autonomic nervous activity

Toshioka Lab.

  • Semantic Web
  • Linked Open Data
  • Information Retrieval
  • HMM Speech Recognition

Tsunekawa Lab.

  • Ubiquitous access network system
  • High performance antenna system by using digital signal processing technology

Nakano Lab.

  • Learning Theory and Algorithms
  • Data Mining and Structure Mining
  • Reinforcement Learning and Search

Yamauchi Lab.

  • Biologically Inspired Machine Learning Algorithm
  • Quick Variable Selection
  • Modeling of Human Driver's Behaviors
  • Application of Machine Learining
  • Document Clustering

Fujiyoshi Lab.

  • Computer Vision for Scene Understanding and Mobile Robotics

Shibata Lab.

  • Propagation of Solar Neutrons in the atmosphere
  • Detection Efficiency of Neutrons
  • Observation of Solar Neutrons

Okui Lab.

  • Rewrite Systems and Functional / Logic Programming
  • Automated Equational Deduction
  • DNA Computing

Takamaru Lab.

  • Particle Simulation (Acceleration Mechanism for Auroral Particles/Generation of Langmuir Turbulence by Relativistic Electron Beam Injection/ etc.)
  • Fluids Simulation(Dancing of Magnetic Flux Tubes(including Solar Flare Phenomena)/ etc)
  • Infrastructure for Computing System(High Performance Computing/ Developments of Special Purpose Computer, Integrated GUI Environment, and Educational Supporting System)

Suzuki Lab.

  • Practical Education for Computer Software
  • Research on the Distribution and Infrastructure of the Digital Contents

Sakata Lab.

  • Multiple Valued Logic-Circuit Design and Simulation
  • Teaching Material and Database with Multimedia Module

Matsui Lab.



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