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Alphabetical Order

Name Title Field of Study Research, Studies Website
AICHI Makikolinks another site Associate Professor Molecular Biology, Plant Physiology Molecular Response of Photosynthetic Organisms to Environmental Stress  
*FUKUDA Masaolinks another site Professor      
ISHIDA Yasuyukilinks another site Professor      
KURANE Ryuichirolinks another site Professor Applied Microbiology Bioconsorcia, Bioremediation, Novel wastewater treatment  
MACHIDA Chiyokolinks another site Professor Plant Molecular Biology Molecular Mechanisms of Development in Plants  
MATSUMOTO Yoshihirolinks another site Professor      
*NAKAGAWA Hiroshilinks another site Lecturer Animal Cell Technology, Physiological Genetics   Websitelinks another site
NAKAMURA Kenzolinks another site Professor Plant Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Regulation of gene expression in plants. Regulation of nutrient storage function in plants, in particular storage of seed oil. Websitelinks another site
OHNISHI Motokolinks another site Professor Molecular Biology, Biochemistry Investigation of Roles of Protein Phosphatases in Regulation of Cell Signaling  
*OHTA Akinorilinks another site Vice-President, Professor Agricultural Chemistry, Microbiology, Biochemistry Lipid metabolism in yeasts  
SUMI Hirotakalinks another site Assistant Professor     Websitelinks another site
SUZUKI Takamasalinks another site Lecturer      
TSUKAMOTO Yoshinorilinks another site Professor Applied Microbiology, Fermentation Technology, Nutrition and Food Science Valuable substances produced by Acetic Acid Bacteria and other aerobic bacteria  
TSUTSUMIUCHI Kanamelinks another site Professor Polymer Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry Chemical Synthesis of (1->3)-β-D-Glucan, Determination of Acrylamide in Foods Websitelinks another site
WOO Je-Taelinks another site Professor Bioactive Natural Products and Cellular Biochemistry Screening, Isolation and Biological Activities of Natural Products  

*This department is his/her secondary position.

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