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About the Department of Applied Chemistry

Formerly known as the Department of Industrial Chemistry, in 1999 this department became the Department of Applied Chemistry, a name change intended to reflect the evolved focus of the department. The central challenge of this department is to establish ways in which chemistry can contribute to solve the juxtaposition of humanity's relentless development with the protection of the earth's environment.

Environmental problems are a pressing theme for the 21st century - how to transform, from the very core, the present methods of production in our industrialized society. This Department strives to establish a creative academic field which uncovers the possibilities of a post-industrial society.

From the second year of study, our curriculum cultivates highly specialized engineers through its Applied Chemistry Foundation and Chemistry Systems courses. Through an in-depth knowledge of environmental problems and PL Law, the Department of Applied Chemistry nurtures specialists with skills immediately adaptable to modern society.

Department of Applied Chemistry

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